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What is a Medicare PPO plan?

A preferred provider organization (PPO) plan allows you to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Although going out-of-network can cost more, there are no restrictions on which provider you see. Whether you’re visiting family across the country or sunbathing on a coast, if you have medical needs, you have medical care options.

Unlike a Medicare HMO plan, Medicare PPO doesn’t require you to stick to a network or have a primary care physician. With that flexibility comes higher costs, so talk to a Licensed agent to see if a Medicare PPO plan is the right choice for you.

Medicare Advantage: PPO, HMO, and DSNP plans

Medicare PPO plans are just one of the multiple Medicare Advantage options. If you’re looking to save money on a monthly premium, a Medicare HMO plan might be the plan for you. If you qualify for assistance, a Medicare DSNP plan will also help you with your prescription drug needs, as well as covering certain over-the-counter products. Call a Licensed agent today to discuss eligibility and get the plan that best suits your situation.

Aetna Medicare PPOAetna Medicare HMOAetna Medicare DNSP
Use of provider network requiredNopurple-check*No
Primary care physician requiredNopurple-checkNo
Monthly premiumsVaries by planVaries by planVaries by plan
Prescription drug coverage includedpurple-checkin most planspurple-checkin most planspurple-check**
Dental, vision, and hearing coveragepurple-checkin most planspurple-checkin most planspurple-checkin most plans
Fitness benefitpurple-check through Silversneakers®purple-check through Silversneakers®purple-check through Silversneakers®
Medicaid enrollment requiredNoNopurple-check
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