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When it comes to retirement, Florida may get all the attention. But when it comes to your health care options, don’t count the Empire State out. Whether you live in “the City,” the Adirondacks, or out by the Finger Lakes, you can find the right Medicare plan for your family and your needs. In fact, in 2018 there were over 3.6 million New Yorkers enrolled in Medicare plans.

Over 3.6 million Texans enrolled in Medicare plans Over 3.6 million New Yorkers enrolled in Medicare plans

If you’re looking for more info about Medicare plans in New York you’re in the right place. Speak with a friendly, licensed agent today for more information about Aetna Medicare benefits available in your area.

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Types of Medicare Plans in New York

Aetna offers a wide variety of Medicare insurance plans in both New York City and New York State. Choose from federally funded plans, such as Medicare Part A and/or Part B, or get more benefits by selecting a private insurance policy, like Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D.

Speak with a licensed agent today to find out what kind of Medicare plan you may be eligible for.

Types of plans include:

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) plans

Original Medicare is made up of two parts: Part A and Part B. Medicare Part A, also known as “hospital insurance,” covers your inpatient care at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or hospices. Medicare Part B, on the other hand, sometimes called “medical insurance” helps pay for your Medicare-approved outpatient care. This includes medical services and supplies such as doctor’s visits, physical therapy, and preventative care. It also covers durable medical equipment (DME) that you may need, like oxygen pumps, walkers, and wheelchairs. Original Medicare is funded and administered by the federal government.

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans

Medicare Advantage plans are regulated by the federal government but are sold by private insurance companies. By law, all Medicare Advantage plans must provide all the same coverage as Original Medicare, but most plans offer additional coverage and benefits, too. This may include prescription drug coverage and services like vision, dental, hearing aids, health and wellness programs, or gym memberships.

Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plans

If you’re eligible for Medicare Parts A or B, you can choose to purchase a Medicare Part D plan separately. Medicare Part D helps pay for the cost of your prescription drugs and medications. Coverage for specific drugs varies based on what’s called a “formulary,” a list of drugs separated into “tiers” according to price. Note: Medicare Part D coverage may be included in some Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) plans.

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Am I Eligible for a Medicare Plan?

If you’re 65 years or older, you’re eligible to receive Medicare benefits. Medicare benefits are also available to people younger than 65 who have certain Medicare-covered diseases or disabilities.

In order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan, you must be eligible for both Medicare Part A and Part B (Original Medicare). Want to find out if you’re eligible fast? Talk to a licensed Agent today!

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When Can I Enroll?

If you’re enrolling in Medicare both Part A and Part B of Medicare for the first time, you can enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan during your Initial Enrollment Period. Your Initial Enrollment Period begins three months before the month of your 65th birthday and ends three months after your birth month.

If you’re already on Medicare and want to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you can do so during the Annual Enrollment Period, which starts October 15 and ends December 7 every year.

Under some circumstances, you may be able to enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan during a Special Enrollment Period. For example, if you’ve recently moved or if you’re currently living in a nursing home. Talk to one of our licensed agents today to see if your life circumstance applies.

Talk to a Licensed Agent

Talk to a Licensed Agent

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Other Medicare Resources in New York

Making sense of your Medicare coverage and benefits can be confusing. The state of New York offers a variety of resources to help you out.

Center for Medicare Advocacy

The Center for Medicare Advocacy helps senior citizens and people with disabilities by providing access to legal analysis, education, and advocacy regarding your Medicare plan, coverage, and benefits.

New York State Department of Health

The New York State Department of Health has lots of information for Medicare beneficiariesand other health-related topics that you might find useful.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, New York

This helpful webpage includes important updates, events, and other information regarding Medicare in the state of New York.

Elder Care Resource Center

This website provides a wealth of articles, news updates, and other information about your health care options in the state of New York, including information about Medicare policies and benefits.